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Kinnasand, the Swedish company, is for a long time the leader of the decorative textile, wallpapers and handmade carpets market. The company has 200-year work experience in interior design sphere, it has gone the long developing process from hand weaving machines to modern industrial production. Kinnasand is trying to keep on the peak of the technological progress, its production is always highly technological and is produces according to the latest achievements. At the same time Kinnasand treats with respect traditions and experience. Truly, the hand techniques of producing exclusive carpets from the best New Zealand wool remains one of the best on the world market. Kinnasand has own team of high-qualified designers, but also develops cooperation with the world recognized designers.


Как купить fabrics Kinnasand?

Чтобы купить (заказать) fabrics Kinnasand, узнать цену и наличие,
приезжайте в офис Rosetti или звоните по одному из телефонов:

+38 044 486 54 98.

За дополнительной консультацией или для оформления заказов пишите на

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